Writing Together

Alan Smart and Jack Henrie Fisher

On the evening of 24 July the design collective Other Forms will stage a writing workshop to test the limits of the production of sense in disjunction, recombination and assemblage.

In Writing Together literal and material operations of excerpting, printing, and reassembling will be collectively executed in conversation with the audience, in an environment of hospitality (i.e. party). We will write together a short text on the theme of catastrophe, a text which could potentially become the preface for a book to come — a first collective iteration of the discourse of the week of Justifiable Versions of Events.
Writing Together will employ a process of composition by which sheets of printed paper are arranged on a physical framework, in a way that makes explicit the material substrate upon which the performance of writing depends, and thereby frames an investigation of relations between the materiality of texts, the manual labor of reading, and the construction of concepts in language. Interventions will be made in real time through a process of feedback between performer/operators, participants, and output texts.

The workshop will be organized in an open-format event structure in which participants are invited to move through the space, watch and take part as they wish. Turkish Gözlemepancakes and beer will be served.