Une Propagation Du Nouvel Alphabet Lettrique / A Propagation Of The New Lettrist Alphabet

Marc Matter & Robert M Ochshorn

Marc Matter will present a Web-Application of a project that he worked out during his time as Researcher at JVE in 2012 together with Robert M Ochshorn. Voice-Recordings using the sound letters of the `New Lettrist Alphabet´ (as proposed by Isidore Isou in 1947) are manipulated with experimental audio-processing (incl. turntables & mixing desks) and composed to soundpieces detourning a drawing by mathematician and amateurs artist Francois Norguet (as published in OU review 40/41 in 1972) into a graphic score as interpreted by a graph-theoretic computer program.
Programming and Software Engineering by Robert M Ochshorn; Concept, Voice, Turntables, Mixing and Editing by Marc Matter.