séance de lecture

Installation and lecture-performance
Dominique Hurth

Alike a testprint, Hurth will present intermediary phases of her work «séance de lecture», activating installative and performative elements of the project before its final presentation in the autumn 2015 in Barcelona and Aarhus.

Séance de lecture investigates the physical manifestation and the performativity of a book. Looking subjectively at the never-realized project of French poet Stéphane Mallarmé “Le Livre” (The Book), this work explores the relationship between text and word, speech and act, the materiality of writing and reading, as well as the expansion of pages once manipulated, re-read and spoken. It operates as a partial reconstruction of Mallarmé’s project, based on Hurth’s thorough research of his manuscript.

The polyphony and the disappearance of the author through a moment of collective reading framed and defined by the author are translated into a singular object: a book, unbound, composed by several folders that enables superimposed and layered readings. The book works as prop for a lecture-performance, becoming thus an object, manipulated and accompanied by a voice and a movement. The lecture-performance takes as a starting point the materiality of the book itself and is accompanied by choreographed movements in a décor defined by the architecture of several elements, as a stage for the séance.

This project is generously supported by the FNAGP, Paris