Jayme Yen and Kristin Posehn

Working backwards and sideways, Jayme Yen and Kristin Posehn propose a series of experimental signs provisionally titled “Mutually Assured Catastrophe”.

We suggest that two heads are better than one at screwing things up.

Our collaboration will take the form of an extended game of poster tennis. We will volley our work back and forth in a process of actively engaged catastrophe. Renouncing typical communication, we will instead invite each other to inflict abstract, slow moving disasters upon each other’s efforts. Inspired by Archigram, Spanish Civil War posters, and pinterest searches under the heading “catastrophe”, we will work with abundant agitation, non-specific futurism, and a sense of inertia as impending doom.

The resulting series of 3-4 posters would be mailed to Jan Van Eyck Alumni Association Headquarters in due time for the Berlin Conference, and jpegs would be made available for JVEAA dissemination online.