Søren Rosenbak

A – exhibition call

In essence, metadata presents us with a rich frame around a blank canvas, a space with ample room for interpretation, misinterpretation, miscarriage of justice, etc. An inherently irrational human intervention will always enter the equation, acting on the metadata frame, and thus render a distorted portrait as a convenient proxy for truth. While most people in the post-Snowden age of today might understand that metadata does affect our lives in both trivial and very profound ways, they might not understand how and why this happens. We’re interested in supplementing the continued societal post-Snowden discourse (the Intercept, Anonymous and Wikileaks etc.) by establishing an intimate encounter with the speculative qualities of metadata. In this way Meta(data)morphosis is a project concerned with heightening the public metadata literacy.

We welcome designers, theorists & artists to contribute to an exhibition in their media of preference and encourage all contributors to think about how we can critically and intimately engage as well as empower members of the public.

B – call for workshop participation

All your metadata (data about data) gets collected on a massive scale: your location, who you talk to, chat with, when it happens, when you buy anything and so on. The collected pool of information alters your search results on Google, determines your targeted adds on Facebook, changes the price you pay on Amazon, determines whether intelligence agencies view you as a potential terrorist and much else. In this way we each have an online alias, a digital shadow, a data double. Who is this person? Who ARE you really, digitally speaking? And how is your metadata shaping your everyday life?

Meta(data)morphosis invites you to join a half-day workshop with the aim of exploring the nature of metadata: what it is, how it works and what it can be used for. We will engage these questions together through several exercises. Get ready to meet your digital shadow. No technical knowledge required, +16 years old. Bring curiosity, your smart device of preference (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) and your favourite pen.

meta(data)morphosis in Berlin is Søren Rosenbak, Henrike Feckenstedt & Régis Frias