Manual Override

Sonia de Jager

This collection of pages emerged out of a philosophical thesis, a thesis dealing predominantly with the effects of different technologies on human perception and output. As a result of a three­-year­ research period into questions concerning technology, culture and language, analyzing the dis/continuities between them, a proposal for a structural comparison of the three as abstract concepts emerged. When does culture become technology, technology a form of culture, or either of them a specific form of communication? Can language be considered a ‘cultural technology’? What are the delimiting constraints in our physiological experience that shape the ways we use and produce technologies and/or culture? Parts of the final printed thesis were then re­edited by hand, scanned, re­edited digitally, printed, edited manually again, and scanned once more. The final form this thesis takes plays on the theory, and vice versa. The result is a cross­breed between the classic tactile draft, hand­written notes, computer writing and formatting glitches, which can be consumed as an image and as a text simultaneously.

(48 A3 color laser prints, 2011-2014)