Glass Bead

Glass Bead, an international research platform and journal, will present a set of papers and acts around their reserach themes. Considering art to be crucial for the invention of vehicles able to navigate among heterogeneous and changing epistemic landscapes, Glass Bead aims to bring disparate practices and ideas together in order to design complex transits between and within them. Fabien Giraud plans will introduce the films “the unmanned” and “1834-Mass Storage”; Sonia de Jager will give a presentation on the dis/continuity between technology, culture and language; Lendl Barcelos will give a presentation of his project “sonic abstraction-sonic ambiguity/identity”; Fabien Giraud and Etienne Chambaud will present an art/architecture theory talk on planned discontinuities; Jeremy Lecomte, Tzuchien Tho and Iñigo Wilkins will present a roundtable talk on “Genericity and Randomness”, the aim of which is to think the generic through architecture theory, noise, entropy and mathematics; the pseudonymous group Latrine Sélavy will perform a number of sound pieces; Matt Hare will give a more traditional paper/talk on formalization and contamination (of concepts, methods, forms).