Geophilosophy of Exile: For Nomads to Occupy Europe

Maurizio Candiotto

For Indignados and Occupy Wall Street to succeed, they need insight into how power works. Here the approach of Anti-Oedipus is much better than both J. Butler’s psyche-hinging one and Foucault’s descriptive analyses. From here, a geophilosophy of our condition from exile to an actively assumed deterritorialization — one surfing on the one resulting from the movements the capital. Shall we be capable of building such concepts so as to become deterritorialized toward a people to come? Nomadism is a departure from exile whereby one no longer belongs to a land from which to be exiled. We are exiles from the outset — can we be nomads? Provided our “untimely” is “a becoming-revolutionary”, is it by way of nomandism?