From Alternative Politics to Ways of Framing Social Justice Issues

Nisa Goksel & Imge Oranli

The recent attacks of ISIS and the conditions of war in the Middle East make us question the interplay between the limits of state power, the politics of war, and the possibilities of alternative ways to conduct political action. An alternative understanding of politics arises in relation to how we respond to these recent issues of war and social justice on the ground. How do we define alternative politics that ranges from transnational solidarities, anti-state democracy models to local political networks? Can rethinking about alternative politics help us frame a new ethical orientation towards social justice issues?

In Frames of War, Judith Butler focuses on the relationship between senses, interpretations, and affects as well as on the production of frames as they operate in the politics of the nation-state. If, following Butler, we admit that ethical judgment and practice is linked to how we frame events, and if, framing depends on our orientation in politics, then, engaging with the question of alternative politics is not only central to framing events differently, but also, indispensable for genuine social critique. We would like to invite those of you who would like to participate in our panel that attempts to rethink the issues of social justice and war at the intersection of theory and practice with a special focus on the question of alternative politics. Please add to your proposal a short biographical note (150 words)