Emerged in Sport

Željko Blaće

Contemporary sport, ­hyper­competitive, commercialized, institutionalized, politicized, is most often perceived uncritically, ­taken for granted in its most current and dominant form,­ especially as a mechanism of capitalist ideology in its capacity to globalize/normalize societies. If sport (as Art) can be considered as a laboratory/contested site, then it is potentially one of largest fields for social, cultural and political experimentation and innovation in contemporary societies. For this reason, I am interested in collecting personal experiences, anecdotes or engagements with sport and its norms by artists, designers and academics, who took part in this ever normalizing and normative system. This could include texts, media, publications or performances that relate to this tension and that capture duality of their commitment and discontent with/in sport.

My personal experiences will be presented in a series of short texts and visuals from experiences in the Netherlands around my JVE time, including: 1. a video of my play in a volleyball club, JOKERS­ Maastricht and T­-shirt for winning the league; 2. a photo and protest letter to mayor of Rotterdam.