Dance is not forever/Che resta del fuoco. Dance series

Ambra Pittoni

The work has as object of investigation, the score, understood as a structure of loss and lose, thus the dance as a form of art that in order to exist needs to go through auto-combustion and dispersion. Dance becomes powerful only if lavish, like a Potlach. The installation is the result of a research in which two choreographic scores have been created with the purpose to be forgotten and dispersed through memory and other media. They manifest themselves partially, dislocated and transformed in several ways. The project has seen two actors (Ippolita Baldini and Yusuke Yamasaki) as protagonists with whom I created three choreographies. Once learned, I asked them to track only the breaths and to leave the rest to the oblivion: to never rehearse anymore the choreography in order to exercise the full decomposition process and to discover its latency afterwards. From the breaths’ score (recorded and composed with Francesco Cavaliere) has born a vinyls series. The 2010 choreographies are still in decomposition at Ippolita as well at Yusuke.

(Installation, various materials)