2014 Call

I’ve been thinking about this a lot: I’ve been thinking about how to get the ensemble to sing the story so that it is de-personalized. It doesn’t sound like Jackie followed by Tom, followed by Sam, etc. It just sounds like everybody is telling the [same] story and they [each] contribute lines from time to time. [They all become narrators?] Everybody’s a narrator. (from conversation with Robert Ashley)

Dear Fellow,

We invite you to join the Jan Van Eyck Academy Alumni Association in Justifiable Versions of Events, during the week of 20-26 July in Berlin. We seek experimental proposals for exhibitions, symposia, interventions, actions, workshops, papers and performances, any of which can be used as nuclei for future collaborative work. The theme of Catastrophe can serve as a possible point of orientation.

The Association is an open platform for theory, art and design built from the assembly of former researchers and participants of the Jan Van Eyck Academy, who are dissatisfied with the debilitating nature of the institutional field, and who reject the prevailing norms of commerce. The idea is to form a mobile framework for collaboration between designers, artists and theorists, one which will bring about a radical probing of disciplines by suspending their borders and provoking their mutual subversions, affirming the need for collective work and engaging in projects which open the possibilities of different domains, whether aesthetic, scientific, or political. We understand the Association as a project continually ‘in the making’: open-ended and multifaceted.

If you would like to join this project then we invite you to submit a proposal for Justifiable Versions of Events. The deadline for submissions is June 30. We will do our best to provide facilities and accommodation for all those interested in participating or attending.