Bon Ton / Mais Non

Top Liste Surréaliste ≣ Ika Knezevic

Polite art attended History’s first dinner parties. The problem with History is that it rarely admits those who are not invited, or late to dinner—whatever the circumstance. History has a secret sense of bon ton. If you do arrive late, you have to know exactly what History likes, its sweet teeth, and sensibilities. You must bring History a most exquisite dessert, one it will enjoy without having ever tasted it before. Bring the dessert to an open window at the dinner party. Once History smells it, the door will swing wide open.

Bon Ton/ Mais Non is an enactment of an 80 point manifesto on polite art, a peculiar bon ton functioning as a structuring logic of apocalypse-wishing tastes. Like every good dinner party, polite art manifesto requires a small orchestra, a pastry chef, and the fact of cannibal sirens.

The first 10 pages of the program are published here.

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