JVE A is an institutional errance or error, periodically moving to different places, and acquiring multiple meanings for its acronym, in the continually reshaped attempt to find frames for a heterogeneous and polemic set of practices.

The JVE A is a space for exchange of ongoing research, for testing works in progress and experimenting with new ideas in the fields of art, design and theory, with a particular focus on their mutual relations, and their political implications. The association is constituted by the interests and desires of its members, each of whom is invited to take responsibility for individual projects and to contribute to the shaping of the collective.

Our annual meeting is a key platform for the realisation of this space. In 2013 the JVE A organized its first event “Why Theory?” based at ICI-Kulturlabor Berlin, Kunstwerke, Motto, and other venues. In the summer 2014, “Justifiable Versions of Events” — an intense week of performances, talks, exhibitions and discussions — took place at ACUD, Kunstwerke/Berlin Biennale, West Germany, Archive Kabinett and other places in Berlin. For 2015’s “Jaw Versus Eye Attack” we met at Vierte Welt, Archive Kabinett, Or-Gallery, Kleiner Salon and Prinzessinnengärten in Berlin.